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Panic Attacks Therapy and Coaching

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks can be a result of a struggling and injured limbic system which causes spikes of adrenaline (freeze, fight or flight response) to happen. They can feel like they are building up to one or they can happen without warning.

The symptoms include:

Heart racing

Chest pains

Feeling dizzy, faint and weak

Difficulty breathing

Impending sense of doom


A good place to start would be with your GP to ensure there is nothing medical causing your panic attacks. Therapy would be needed either way to help you manage and wind your panic attacks down.

Clients often tell me that by treating this as an injury and not something they are being stupid about can not only reduce their attacks but stop them altogether.


If you suffer with panic attacks then please contact me for a free consultation.  Life is too short for a life of fear when you can learn to manage your mind and set it free from anxiety disorders which can lead to panic attacks.

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