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Hypnotherapy Brighton and Hove

Hypnotherapist Brighton and Hove

As soon as you agree to work with me, powerful suggestions will start being made to help your mind make those changes you are seeking and keep that progress moving forward. This is the type of  pro-active therapy which I love.

I love hypnosis as a tool as it can work in so many ways.  The subconscious can respond brilliantly to suggestions made through conversation, various mental exercises, traditional hypnotherapy and my absolute favourite, self hypnosis.

Recently a client came to see me for a phobia preventing them from moving forward in life. I taught them self hypnosis which they loved and then added a few of my own suggestions into the mix about the phobia. Brilliantly my client carried on practicing their self hypnosis skills to make sure the original phobia was gone and then they removed some other fears which they claimed would need me to work on too.

Many of you  may have heard about how working with a hypnotherapist is very effective in treating anxiety, stress, OCD, anger management, IBS, pain management, phobias, unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns such as negative thinking.  It is true that the parts of the brain responsible for these issues does respond well to the power of suggestion especially from yourselves.

There are lots of misconceptions about hypnotherapy which would be good to talk through. This would help ease any fears you have about going into a trance through hypnosis or experiencing any of the other therapies I use.

I follow a strict code of ethics which gives my clients the peace of mind to know they are in safe hands.

I am listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register as a specialist in:

I can help with:

  • Insomnia, exams, studying and driving tests
  • Interviews, public speaking and presentations
  • Relationships, fertility anxiety and sexual problems
  • Anxiety, stress and negative thoughts.

Hypnosis can feel very relaxing, just like a day dream and you allow yourself to go into what ever level of trance you are comfortable with and you could come out of trance at any time

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