The Life Doctor

Creative Blocks / Writers Block

Get your creative or writers block released and get that energy flowing in Brighton and Hove , East Sussex or anywhere in the world online with hypnotherapy, IEMT, NLP, EFT, MET and counselling.  Your mind often knows how to unleash your creativity but old programs running in the mind can prevent it happening, life it too short to be stuck, so give me a call.

This would benefit anyone wishing to unblock or increase their creativity in business, art, design, writing, work, acting, music and anything that requires new ideas and inspiration.

  • Help reduce stress and anxiety to remove blocks
  • Writers block all sorted!
  • Rebuild your confidence and self esteem
  • Deal with the inner critic and develop positive states of mind
  • Open your mind to new ways of working
  • Remove old behaviours or limiting beliefs and unleash your creative power
  • Attract amazing opportunities and contacts to further your career

We can work with powerful techniques such as hypnotherapy to help access those powerful creative inner resources and natural inspirational energy flow.

Learning about your natural inner wavelength can greatly increase the creative flow and bring you the opportunities that will help you grow and evolve on your journey.

If you are here reading this then it could be time for you to begin the next stage in bringing your dreams to fruition.

Contact me to talk more about how I can help you.  Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor – Brighton & Hove.