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Anger Management

Being unable to control your mind or actions when you feel frustrated, tense or angry can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt which unfortunately can make issues like this even worse.  If your limbic system which is the emotional and survival parts of the brain is under too much pressure it can result in flight or fight responses which you may later regret.

My anger management program has been designed to help you get back the control you need to reduce that pressure and risk of over reacting.  It takes a brave person to admit they need help and contact me, though your mind may try to trick you into seeing it as a weakness.

My program is incredibly simple but effective.  Together using a mix of science, psychology, hypnosis, mindfulness, proactive counselling, NLP and strategies we can explore what will work for you in gaining the control you need to be able to change your mind to change your life.

Anger Management Program

Session One:  Simple but effective tools are given to you to reduce pressure on the limbic system for you to feel in control.  Once you feel in control, anger becomes something you no longer fear but something you can manage if it happens.

Session Two: Mind Management skills are explore to help you reduce the pressure on your limbic system and help you become more proactive with your thoughts and feelings instead of reactive. This is the part most clients find liberating and a big game changer when it comes to how we experience life.

Session Three onwards: This where we explore your values and beliefs about yourself and reality. Sometimes we have very unhelpful ideas about ourselves and life which adds pressure to the limbic system, these can be altered or let go of. Possible roots of your anger are explored with tools given to help you let go of your past and help you move on. If further sessions are required we discuss from your feedback what is needed and I will provide suggestions in what we can explore, fine tune and progress with.

Everything we do is emailed to you to hep you carry on your own progress so you no longer need me. The main focus will always be not taking my word for how the strategies work but to experience how they work for you. This changes your relationship with anger and should help you become the more confident and relaxed person you enjoy being.

If you would like to find out more about being calmer, relaxed and more in control then please contact me for me details.