The Life Doctor

Weight loss Management

Now available in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, weight loss and slimming with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, IEMT, MET, NLP, EFT and various forms of counselling available online and in person.

Do you want to be slimmer and healthier?  Don’t use misery and self loathing to motivate you when its shown that happier people lose weight easily and more permanently.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, IEMT, EFT and MET are powerful tools to help you lose weight without the diet.

I use a combination of therapies to help you remove the issues that can cause weight gain.  Sometimes emotional needs overide the rational mind and food is used to satisfy those emotions.  We can work to find out what the emotions need and and resolutions which would help you to not need to fulfil emotional needs with food.

Feeling lighter as you let go of any excess weight is a wonderful feeling.  Confidence grows and self esteem becomes more natural as you begin to see you for the real you.  Why wait to be happy when you reach your goal when you can be happy and lose weight through being happy to do so!  So many people use misery and self loathing to motivate themselves to change which makes for quite an unhappy time and often results in using food again to feel better.

Accessing your inner resources through hypnotherapy will enable you to make those lifestyle changes and change any belief systems that are blocking weight loss.

The powerful techniques are designed to help you:

  • Release cravings
  • Enjoy and love being lighter and healthier
  • Let go of food issues
  • Deal with emotional eating by healing the past or a past life
  • Let go of the security blanket that can create weight
  • Accept your inner self and body image
  • Feel motivated to do exercise
  • Create a new lifestyle that works for you
  • Let the weight drop off naturally

Please contact me for more details on feeling slimmer, healthier, happier and lighter. Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor – Brighton & Hove