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Smoke Free – Letting go of Smoking Habits

I can help you with Hypnotherapy, NLP, IEMT and EFT in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex help you give up smoking and become a non-smoker.  Phone and Skype sessions available.

If you are a smoker, giving up smoking can be a tricky one to work with as the habit itself tends to benefit you in some way.  Working with clients it has become quite obvious that the rational mind knows about cancer, heart disease, strokes and the other health risks. The emotional part of you may want something else though and this overides the rational mind to satisfy the emotional need.  Usually smoking helps to cope with stress, anxiety or depression or you may feel that you would lose out on the social aspect of it.  Whatever emotional need you have that wants cigarettes needs to be worked with first.  It is no point taking away cigarettes from you if you have no other way to help you feel calmer and more relaxed or to deal with the emotional need in some way.

I will work with you to find out what emotional benefits you get from smoking and then help you resolve any emotional issues you have so letting go of smoking is so much easier.

I find it of little value to just work on smoking in the hope it will work when we could work quickly, thoroughly and successfully.

A few clients that came originally to give up smoking worked in their emotional side and found themselves giving up smoking easily and without any direct work on it from me.  They used the resources I gave them to do it themselves and also make changes to their lives to be happier, more focused and more confident too.

Please contact me for more details on becoming a non smoker.  Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor – Brighton & Hove.