The Life Doctor

Help with Sexual Issues

Based In Brighton & Hove, I work successfully with a range of psychological sexual issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male and female anorgasmia and arousal disorders.  I also work with people struggling with their sexuality and sexual conditioning which can have a deep effect on relationships as well as sexually.

If you feel you have a sexual issue which is affecting sex or a relationship then please make sure you have been to your GP to ensure it is not a physical problem which needs attention.  Once you have been given the all clear physically we can then work out what may be causing the problem psychologically.

I know some of you will feel embarrassed about what you are experiencing but please know that your issue will be dealt with in an open, friendly, non-judgmental and professional manner so you get the help you need.  I have worked for a number of years with sexual health teams in Sussex as well as helped many clients with various sexual issues most of which enjoy the healthy sex life they deserve.

Stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise in Brighton & Hove as well as many parts of the world and this has led to an increase in sexual issues which are often affected by how we feel.  I will teach you how to change those worrying thoughts, become more relaxed, calmer, focused and also to help you release any sexual conditioning from the past due to experiences, religious and society morals.

If you live in Brighton & Hove or nearby and would like to come and chat about your pyschological sexual issue then please contact me for details of how I can help.  If you live further away then we can work via Skype.

See abuse or anxiety pagefor more details on possible causes of sexual problems.