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Phobia Help

Phobia help with hypnotherapy, IEMT, NLP, EFT and MET available in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex or online anywhere in the world with Skype.  I will help you say goodbye to your phobia, even the difficult ones

I have treated many clients with phobias successfully and quickly using these therapies.

A phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm. For example a person suffering with arachnophobia may see a small harmless spider as dangerous as a Black Widow.

Symptoms of phobias include:

  • Tension
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Shaking
  • Breathlessness

There are three main types of phobias:

  • Social phobias—fear of social situations, like going to a pub or shopping
  • Agoraphobia—fear of being trapped in an inescapable place or situation.
  • Specific phobias—fear of a specific object (such as buttons, feathers or snakes)

There are four major types of specific phobias:

  • The natural environment—fear of water, storms or lightening etc.
  • Medical—fear of seeing blood, receiving injections, visiting a doctor or dentist, etc.
  • Animals—fear of snakes, rats, spiders, etc.
  • Situational—fear of bridges, leaving the home, driving, etc.

The first step to release a phobia is to realise that the fear of the object or situation is unrealistic.

The second step is to see a professional therapist who will then help you release that fear.

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