The Life Doctor

Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports performance help in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex with Hypnotherapy, NLP , IEMT, MET and Counselling available right now to help you empower your mind and body to reach your sports goals.  The techniques are used by many professionals In London and Brighton to increase their performance in many areas.  Phone & Skype sessions available.

Sports, hobbies, arts and careers can all benefit from these powerful techniques. I can help you focus and improve your way of performing.

You can:

  • Feel more focused
  • See and feel a more positive result
  • Feel a sharper clarification and vision in what you are doing
  • Flow in mind, body and spirit
  • Feel more motivated
  • Access what is known as “the zone”

Anxiety, lack of confidence, stress, old limiting beliefs and behaviours can hold you back from achieving peak performance.

Working out your goals and dreams and accessing your inner resources through hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT can help you achieve them.

Please contact me to find out more about improving your performance.  Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor – Brighton & Hove.