The Life Doctor

Pain Management & Control

Pain management and control help available in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex with Hypnotherapy, NLP, IEMT, IEMT, MET and counselling .  Phone and Skype sessions available, please also ask about home visits.

Please consult with your Doctor before committing to any sessions.

Therapies can be very useful in helping train the mind to manage pain, the mind is very powerful and can be trained to deal with the fear of pain as well as pain management.  Empowering yourself to manage your mind and body is a great investment for present and future wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy or any other tool should not be used to mask or for relieving pain which could be telling you that there is something wrong with you.  We have to work ecologically to ensure your wellbeing is the top priority.

If the root cause of the pain is known then I can help you manage the discomfort of the condition. Tension, stress and anxiety can heighten or cause pain within the body.

I will teach you self hypnosis, which will help you use visualisation, positive thinking and anxiety relief to start living your life in a happier and healthier way.

Please contact me find out how to help relieve your pain. Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor – Brighton & Hove