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Stop Smoking Now

Ok, let’s do this, at present your mind is probably tricking you into believing you can’t stop smoking or at least will find it too difficult to let it go. Here are the facts: You could stop smoking right now and never smoke again. The mind though is brilliant at convincing you otherwise with very powerful illusions which feel very real. Like the Walking Dead you fall into a trance and believe them. You don’t enjoy smoking, anyone who says they do are literally letting their Smoking Zombie speak through them as if ...

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The Power of Yes

The word NO has quite a devastating effect on the mind.  (Apologies for what reading this word has done to you).  This powerful word when spoken, thought about or read releases dozens of stress producing chemicals in the brain which effect the effectiveness and rationality of the brain. So is it little wonder that many people fail in changing their lives by using the word NO to try and stop themselves thinking or doing things which are holding back their lives? NO feels quite horrible to have to say doesn’t it? For ...

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