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Crafty Perfection

“I just want to it to be perfect,” Carrie moaned.  “I want my book to not get these types of reviews!” I had looked at the reviews on Amazon and some people have been quite critical to say the least.  Carrie passed me some news clippings with reviews from various book critics, some of those were quite harsh too. Yet despite that her book was selling really well and had remained quite high in the book charts. “You want the book to be perfect?” I asked again. “Yes! I just want better reviews ...

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Program your Mind for Success

The top mind conditions which affect your life and business which need to be reprogrammed are: Lack of confidence Anxiety Procrastination Motivation issues Negative thoughts about the future Lack of clarity and focus Stress and pressure Control issues Low self esteem / worth Negative behaviours Energy exhaustion These conditions are not your fault as they can be created in many ways especially during childhood and our teenage years.   These can really hold back your success in life as you spend a lot of time trying to avoid what you fear in an illusionary future.  Building up your self worth and confidence are ...

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Anxiety and the flake

Are you a flake or do you have flaky friends? Anxiety is a growing problem in the Brighton and due to the amount of clients in the past few years suffering with anxiety I have noticed a few patterns one of which is the subject of this blog. A section of people suffering with anxiety are flakes. The term flake not only refers to a chocolate bar which just fall apart when trying to eat it, but also refers to a behaviour pattern which can feed anxiety.  If you are experiencing anxiety or ...

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