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IBS Toilet Trap

Where’s the loo? The fear of not being near a toilet can be overwhelming for some people especially if they suffer with IBS.  The thoughts about what will happen if there is no loo nearby can become obsessive and frightening.  Trying to control a journey or situation so that a toilet is nearby is exhausting and at times near impossible. The reality is that not one client I have spoken to has actually had an accident like that, it might have felt close though.  The mind will then create a series ...

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Insomnia, Distraction and Mind

We have never in our history been as distracted as we are now.  With lifestyles getting busier and busier and with the distractions we have all around us, there is something being ignored and the consequences for some are beginning to show. In Brighton and Hove, I work with the issues created by distraction, insomnia is one of them and can make someones life feel exhausting and like hell. Tim Tim is a top salesman and he has come to see me due to Insomnia issues.  His mind won't switch off at night.  ...

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