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Top 5 Mistakes made with Anxiety (updated)

Here are the top 5 mistakes people make with anxiety: 1. Trying to fight it 2. Trying to distract yourself from it 3. Trying hard to get rid of it 4. Having a go at yourself about it 5. Feeling guilty for having it The reality is this, we all need anxiety and stress. They are healthy and are  there to help us stay one step ahead of life which can be cruel and challenging.  Learning to change your relationship with it will help reduce the power it has which inhibits your life and help motivate ...

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Limbic Training

It’s easy to see why people will do anything not to feel any negative or uncomfortable feelings.  It doesn’t feel nice and as we are creatures of comfort the natural reactive response is to try and distract ourselves with something which does feel good. Food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, television and gaming are just a few ways people will use to try to move away from their thoughts which create negative feelings. The problem with this is that the Limbic System is now being trained to see negative thoughts and feelings as ...

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Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

“You need goals,” we are all told if we want to achieve or be more successful in life. “Without goals you will fail.”   The answer to life seems to be goal setting but why are we so terrible at reaching our goals? Then logical reasoning suggests “you need more motivation, discipline and focus to make goals work.”  So the next goal seems to be trying to make yourself kind of perfect so you can reach your desired goals.  This is a horrible trap to get caught up in which can ...

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