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Low self belief

Personally Deluded

“I take everything so personally,” my new client said.  “Can you help me become more confident and not so paranoid when it comes to what people think of me?” “Do you think we are all judging you?” I asked. “Yeah, I am always wondering what people think of me and I worry that I am doing something wrong all the time. I know it’s not rational but I can’t help myself.” “ I bet you hate being criticised don’t you?” “Oh god yes, I can’t stand it, makes me feel really shit for days ...

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Getting over Yourself

Let’s make it quite clear even though it may seem a little harsh at first. Not many if any are that interested in you.  So if you do happen to be in any social situation which you feel we are all watching and judging you, the likely hood is we are not.  We are like you mostly lost in our own little bubbles of reality thinking about all sorts of things, we will not really be thinking about you. If by any chance you catch our attention and notice you we will ...

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Caveman Control?

Well it's not about control which does appeal to anxious people but it's more about how do we influence and work with the caveman. Especially when he is being too horny, anxious, angry, stressed or indulging in bad habits which are causing problems? You have to remember that the caveman’s priority is to keep you safe. He also loves to feel important, he loves to feel secure, loved and connected.  He will prioritise these sometimes in what feels like a random way but the reality is that the caveman will do ...

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Anger, Stress and Anxiety Management

One thing some clients are surprised by is how angry they come across, the anger within influenced their thoughts and  behaviours and they just accepted this as part of their normal behaviour. They often wonder what other peoples problems are with them.  They can also get stuck in the “this is me” trap where they just assume their provocative, self opinionated, reactive and defensive nature was just “who they are.” They had originally come to see me to have their anxiety or lack of confidence worked with as that is what ...

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Low Self Belief Part 2

Low self belief affects life in so many ways which can make it so much harder. The way you see and experience the world is heavily influenced by your attitude towards life which of course comes from how you feel about yourself.  If you are creating barriers, too self conscious or nervous then your mind is processing the world as dangerous and therefore need to be on various levels of red alert in those situations.  The more situations you go on red alert the more you are drained of energy and ...

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Low Self Belief Part One

Working as a therapist in Brighton & Hove and internationally with clients with low self esteem, self belief, confidence, self worth, depression, stress and anxiety over the years has given me some amazing insights into why they are experiencing life the way they are.  This article is about where this comes from and part two will continue this and focus on what can be done to begin turning this around. Human nature can be cruel and people can make us feel quite sh*t about ourselves with careless comments, bullying and judgmental prejudice.  ...

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