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Not Good Enough?

The reality is quite simple really. If you keep indulging in the tricks of the mind which hold you back from getting what you want in life then someone else will simply come along and take what could have been yours. Apathy, complacency and procrastination are simple but effective techniques your mind will use to get you to avoid taking risks which might result in rejection, shame and embarrassment.  ”I’m not good enough,” is the ultimate trick of the mind we all can fall for and limit ourselves with. Isn’t it ...

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Top 5 Mistakes made with Anxiety (updated)

Here are the top 5 mistakes people make with anxiety: 1. Trying to fight it 2. Trying to distract yourself from it 3. Trying hard to get rid of it 4. Having a go at yourself about it 5. Feeling guilty for having it The reality is this, we all need anxiety and stress. They are healthy and are  there to help us stay one step ahead of life which can be cruel and challenging.  Learning to change your relationship with it will help reduce the power it has which inhibits your life and help motivate ...

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Ramblings On The Mind

Whatever you blame yourself for. Whatever you feel guilty about. Whatever you beat yourself up over. I want you to know something. It was not your fault. We don’t have freewill as proclaimed by some. Your brain evolved the way it has to keep you safer. Programmed by society, culture, parents and more. You are not in control of your thoughts. You are not in control of your feelings. No matter how much you think you should be None of us are no matter how we might seem to be. You do though have to take responsibility for what you think, say ...

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Caveman Control?

Well it's not about control which does appeal to anxious people but it's more about how do we influence and work with the caveman. Especially when he is being too horny, anxious, angry, stressed or indulging in bad habits which are causing problems? You have to remember that the caveman’s priority is to keep you safe. He also loves to feel important, he loves to feel secure, loved and connected.  He will prioritise these sometimes in what feels like a random way but the reality is that the caveman will do ...

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Broken Hearts and Obsession

Recently I have seen quite a few clients who are finding life really tough due to a relationship ending and not being able to stop thinking about the person they were in love with. This for some can border on the obsession for some and feels very unhealthy as they can’t get this person out of their heads and will often do anything to get this person back, even if this person really is not good for them at all. Clients often tell me that when they have a rational moment they ...

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