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Whatever you blame yourself for. Whatever you feel guilty about. Whatever you beat yourself up over. I want you to know something. It was not your fault. We don’t have freewill as proclaimed by some. Your brain evolved the way it has to keep you safer. Programmed by society, culture, parents and more. You are not in control of your thoughts. You are not in control of your feelings. No matter how much you think you should be None of us are no matter how we might seem to be. You do though have to take responsibility for what you think, say ...

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Change Insomnia Now

I was very lucky recently to be lying in the sun on the various beautiful beaches of Mykonos.  What I didn’t know at the time was how important it was for the sunlight to reach my eyes in order to help me sleep at night and avoid insomnia. So why is sunlight important in helping me sleep at night? Blue light which is part of the visible spectrum in solar rays keeps us awake and stimulated throughout the day as it suppresses melatonin.  Melatonin is the hormone which causes sleepiness and is ...

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Help in Beating Insomnia with Therapy in Around a Day?

Insomnia is notoriously known for being hard to beat.  As a sufferer in the past I know of the psychological traps it can lead you into.  The fear of not sleeping can lead to lying there trying to sleep with little or no success.  Feeling exhausted can then appear to have a severe impact on the next day which then leads to the caffeine trap which can make things even worse.  Could this new therapy  help beat insomnia in around a day? It looks like there may be a way. Leon Lack who is ...

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