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Personal Training

“I would never have thought about coming to see someone like you,” he said shuffling uncomfortably in the chair as he made his confession.  “I thought people who went to therapists were weak and just needed to pull their socks up.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still sceptical about what you whatever it is and don’t think you can really help, but I thought I would give it a go.” “What made you come to me then?” I asked. “Some of my friends who I thought were sorted admitted they had ...

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Getting over Yourself

Let’s make it quite clear even though it may seem a little harsh at first. Not many if any are that interested in you.  So if you do happen to be in any social situation which you feel we are all watching and judging you, the likely hood is we are not.  We are like you mostly lost in our own little bubbles of reality thinking about all sorts of things, we will not really be thinking about you. If by any chance you catch our attention and notice you we will ...

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Insomnia, Distraction and Mind

We have never in our history been as distracted as we are now.  With lifestyles getting busier and busier and with the distractions we have all around us, there is something being ignored and the consequences for some are beginning to show. In Brighton and Hove, I work with the issues created by distraction, insomnia is one of them and can make someones life feel exhausting and like hell. Tim Tim is a top salesman and he has come to see me due to Insomnia issues.  His mind won't switch off at night.  ...

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