The Life Doctor


Not Good Enough?

The reality is quite simple really. If you keep indulging in the tricks of the mind which hold you back from getting what you want in life then someone else will simply come along and take what could have been yours. Apathy, complacency and procrastination are simple but effective techniques your mind will use to get you to avoid taking risks which might result in rejection, shame and embarrassment.  ”I’m not good enough,” is the ultimate trick of the mind we all can fall for and limit ourselves with. Isn’t it ...

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The False Spiritual Self

This is going to sound a little generalised and I am sure some readers will point that out but with exceptions to every rule in mind I still want to bring this subject up. Is modern spirituality a distraction from the authentic self and from reality? I ask this because as someone who has worked within the spiritual community for many years I began to notice a pattern about what type of people modern spirituality tends to attract.  Like a magnet it tends to attract people who have had a tough time ...

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