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Stop Smoking Now

Ok, let’s do this, at present your mind is probably tricking you into believing you can’t stop smoking or at least will find it too difficult to let it go. Here are the facts: You could stop smoking right now and never smoke again. The mind though is brilliant at convincing you otherwise with very powerful illusions which feel very real. Like the Walking Dead you fall into a trance and believe them. You don’t enjoy smoking, anyone who says they do are literally letting their Smoking Zombie speak through them as if ...

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I’m not Good Enough

“Phew I’m tired..maybe I should slow down, I wish this run was over, I don’t think I can do this, how long is left to go?” My first run after a few weeks break is always a tough one and my negative thoughts inner dialogue can go a little crazy. It likes to speed up and get louder so I act now on what it says. But why should I? Thoughts are just thoughts...they are not even real so why believe what they say? The problem most people have is that they believe ...

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Insomnia, Distraction and Mind

We have never in our history been as distracted as we are now.  With lifestyles getting busier and busier and with the distractions we have all around us, there is something being ignored and the consequences for some are beginning to show. In Brighton and Hove, I work with the issues created by distraction, insomnia is one of them and can make someones life feel exhausting and like hell. Tim Tim is a top salesman and he has come to see me due to Insomnia issues.  His mind won't switch off at night.  ...

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