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I’m not Good Enough

“Phew I’m tired..maybe I should slow down, I wish this run was over, I don’t think I can do this, how long is left to go?” My first run after a few weeks break is always a tough one and my negative thoughts inner dialogue can go a little crazy. It likes to speed up and get louder so I act now on what it says. But why should I? Thoughts are just thoughts...they are not even real so why believe what they say? The problem most people have is that they believe ...

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Anger, Stress and Anxiety Management

One thing some clients are surprised by is how angry they come across, the anger within influenced their thoughts and  behaviours and they just accepted this as part of their normal behaviour. They often wonder what other peoples problems are with them.  They can also get stuck in the “this is me” trap where they just assume their provocative, self opinionated, reactive and defensive nature was just “who they are.” They had originally come to see me to have their anxiety or lack of confidence worked with as that is what ...

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Healthy Mind and Body

Posted by Edd Power Edd Power is my guest blogger this week as I wanted a personal fitness trainer to write a little about why exercise is important for mental health.  You can contact Edd for more information at the bottom of the page. It has been well known for thousands of years the link between mind and body and today the concept of a holistic approach to health and fitness is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance. Doctors have for a long time advised us to get more exercise and have outlined the ...

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Anxiety and the flake

Are you a flake or do you have flaky friends? Anxiety is a growing problem in the Brighton and due to the amount of clients in the past few years suffering with anxiety I have noticed a few patterns one of which is the subject of this blog. A section of people suffering with anxiety are flakes. The term flake not only refers to a chocolate bar which just fall apart when trying to eat it, but also refers to a behaviour pattern which can feed anxiety.  If you are experiencing anxiety or ...

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Anxiety Tips Part 2

As The Life Doctor, in my office in Brighton & Hove I see a lot of clients who are suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, negative thoughts and other nervous disorders which are making their lives a misery.  This is the second part to the anxiety tips series and you can read the first part below this one.  Your comments would be most welcome.  If you would like a full copy in PDF format of anxiety tips then please contact me here. Here are some more tips to help you change your ...

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Loving Negativity

Years ago I had a very different life to the one I have now.  I had a career which I hated but it paid me a lot of money, I was in a relationship which I knew deep down wasn't right but didn't want to leave "just in case it changed for the better" and I lived in a tiny little flat with not much room at all.  I wanted more out of life and felt I deserved more, but was so unsure of how to get it and was ...

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