The Life Doctor

Brighton & Hove

Insomnia, Distraction and Mind

We have never in our history been as distracted as we are now.  With lifestyles getting busier and busier and with the distractions we have all around us, there is something being ignored and the consequences for some are beginning to show. In Brighton and Hove, I work with the issues created by distraction, insomnia is one of them and can make someones life feel exhausting and like hell. Tim Tim is a top salesman and he has come to see me due to Insomnia issues.  His mind won't switch off at night.  ...

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Low Self Belief Part 2

Low self belief affects life in so many ways which can make it so much harder. The way you see and experience the world is heavily influenced by your attitude towards life which of course comes from how you feel about yourself.  If you are creating barriers, too self conscious or nervous then your mind is processing the world as dangerous and therefore need to be on various levels of red alert in those situations.  The more situations you go on red alert the more you are drained of energy and ...

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