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Sabotage through Avoidance and Procrastination

This is a the craftiest way your mind can keep you feeling good and safer from anything which it predicts could affect you emotionally somehow.

The number one priority for your mind is your emotional and physical safety.  To ensure this is more likely to happen your mind scans what it perceives is your short term future using memory as reference.

Anything which your mind needs to do which runs a risk of feeling:

Boring, frustrating, arduous, embarrassing, rejected, hard, stressful or any other negative feeling can cause your mind to create a diversionary tactic. How many times have you told yourself you have to finish some project or other and simply find yourself doing anything but?  How many excuses have you come up to avoid going to a social event, applying for a new job or promotion, asking for a pay rise, asking someone out on a date?  The reality is your mind will trick you into not bothering and life is too short to be held back like that.

It’s a crafty reward system your brain evolved which is to blame, it would rather you feel good now than later. So if looking on Facebook, checking emails or putting the washing on, telling yourself another day will do  is a better alternative you may find yourself in a trance doing that instead. This is called procrastination and it’s one of the number one issues people come to me with as part of their anxiety.  Your mind is craftily ignoring the long term future in favour of short term rewards, no wonder smokers find it hard to think realistically about their future!

The good news is that this can be worked with and changed using my Mind Management System.  The alternative is battling what appears to be laziness and in the long term suddenly realising life has passed you by and you were tricked into living a safer, duller more unfulfilling life.

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PS: your mind might even try to trick you into not doing that either. Just do it anyway.


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