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Here is a list of resources I would recommend to explore in helping change your mind to change your life. It’s not a sign of weakness to get help and is vital you take those first steps. They can be life changing.

Alternative Practitioners

As far as i’m aware there isn’t a therapy service which is similar to what I offer in regards to anxiety and depression treatment.  If you feel you need a Counselling Service you can find one here. In Brighton I would recommend a Counsellor called Sam Milford who you can contact here.

For an alternative Hypnotherapy service I would contact Christina Mills here

The Alexander Technique is also very good for posture issues and stress related problems. Mark Claireaux can be contacted here.

Suicidal Thoughts or Overwhelming Mental Health issues

Please click here or here to get some support as it’s vital you get some online or phone help.

Fitness Training

This is a private little gym in the heart of Kemp Town and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get fit and healthy without the worry of other people being around.  You cannot put a price on how good exercise is for the mind especially when there are mental health issues.  Contact Edd Power here.



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