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Negative Thoughts / Overactive Mind Help in Brighton and Hove and Internationally Via Skype

Negative thoughts or an overactive mind can scare the hell out of some people and it can make them feel anxious, panicky, depressed, obsessed and exhausted. When the Limbic System is stressed it can make these thoughts feel even more real as it hypnotises them into believing the lies and delusions it comes up with.  As many clients tell me “I know they are ridiculous but at times I just can’t stop believing them as they suck me in.”

The problem isn’t the thoughts, the problem is how the mind is being managed and most people have not been shown the simple but effective tools and perspectives to help their Limbic System calm down and manage the irrational thoughts and overwhelming or odd feelings that will pop up at various times.

I have devised some very simple and effective ways of helping your mind slow and calm down, more importantly you will learn to experience thoughts of all subjects in new ways which continues your journey in becoming more relaxed and confident.

Hypnotherapy for negative thoughts and an overactive mind is one tool I can use with you as well as adding some other therapies like NLP, IEMT, Mind Coaching, Mindfulness and techniques to make sure your mind works with you instead of working against you which is how it may feel at times.

“Why is my mind doing this to me?”

This is a common question as people seek meaning for their issues. Trauma, drugs, ill health and stress are common triggers for the Limbic System becoming over alert and overactive.  It needs help, it needs soothing and healing, it doesn’t need inner conflict, caffeine, more drugs and more pressure. Come and learn with me how to work with your mind in an ecological and healthy way.  It may be one of the best investments for your mental health you will ever make.

 If you would like help with negative thoughts or your overactive mind with hypnotherapy, NLP, IEMT, Mindfulness and Mind Coaching in Brighton and Hove or online please contact me for a free consultation.

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