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On my quest for the most effective life change therapy I had a very simple criteria.

  • It had to be simple for me to do and utilise into my own life for me to experiment with it.
  • It had to be simple for clients to learn so they could carry on changing themselves and not relying on me to do all the work.
  • It had to treat anxiety, anger, depression, stress, confidence, negative thought and behaviour patterns. Results had to be successful, thorough and quick.
  • No sticking plasters as they soon come off and then the client is still stuck in the “seeking help cycle.”
  • I know no therapy works for everyone but this had to have a high chance of working with most people. I also want to combine it to work with other effective therapies to increase the chances of who it works for.

I feel very lucky to have struck gold.

Mindfulness Therapy is simply a way of working with the minds perspective which helps it to see and experience thoughts, feelings and behaviours differently. To make it more effective I use a combination of therapies to help the mind become better at doing this, making it a much more natural process.

How could it help you?

Through learning to be more mindful I have seen clients:

  • Transform how they feel about anxiety which ends the vicious cycle of fear which keeps it going.
  • Manage their issues and anger in a whole new way which makes life feel easier and calmer.
  • See the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to depression.
  • Become much more honest with themselves and reality which in turn makes life much easier to work with.
  • Create new chapters in their lives as they are no longer stuck re-reading old stories of the past.
  • Work with their thoughts and feelings in empowering ways which enable them to change their lives in ways which felt impossible before.
  • See life in a whole new way which is like a fresh breath of air as the struggles and dramas they got caught up in don’t have to be indulged in the way they were before.

If you would like to find out more. Give me a call and we can chat about how mindfulness therapy could help you. Life is simply too short not too.

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