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Consultation Information

My office address is (click link for Google Maps)

Flat 3, 7 Brunswick Square, Hove, BN3 1EG

Metered parking is available at the seaside end of the square and along Hove Lawns.

Flat is located on right of square when on seafront, on left when coming down from Western Road.

You are more than welcome to bring someone to your consultation for support, please let me know so I can arrange appropriate seating.

Please arrive on time, if arriving early you may disturb someones session, if arriving late then your consultation time may be reduced.

There is a private bathroom if concerned about needing to use the bathroom before, during or after the consultation.

It is very natural for people with anxiety related issues to get cold feet about getting help, this can be just the mind trying to trick you into being safer by not attending. If you do wish to cancel then all you have to do is text or email me to let me know so I am not waiting for you and can give your slot to another client. You do not have to explain your reason for cancelling and can rebook another time.  If you or I feel my therapy may not be for you then I can recommend other therapists who may be more suited.


Most clients turn up to their sessions on time and as arranged . To ensure things run smoothly if you agree to sessions you will bonded to future sessions through a deposit of £30.  This can be made through Paypal, cheque or cash. If you fail to turn up to a session or let me know too late, forget or you are not turning up then you lose your deposit.


You will be informed of the price of your session at the consultation or beginning of your session. Payments are made before the session begins. If you want to know the charges for my sessions then please look here. Payments can be made via Paypal, cash or cheque. If you choose to pay via Paypal through my website, please note there is a small surcharge of £2.50 which goes to Paypal to cover their charges. Please ensure you have funds for cheques as a £10 charge will be made to any cheque which gets returned and cover time I have to chase up on.

Full time student concessions available, please ask for details. This covers students paying for their own therapy.

The main focus for the consultation is so that you get the information you need to decide if you would like to go ahead or not. There is no pressure to have any sessions and you can go away and think about this before making any decisions. If you need any extra information then we can arrange to chat again.






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