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Loving Negativity

Years ago I had a very different life to the one I have now.  I had a career which I hated but it paid me a lot of money, I was in a relationship which I knew deep down wasn't right but didn't want to leave "just in case it changed for the better" and I lived in a tiny little flat with not much room at all.  I wanted more out of life and felt I deserved more, but was so unsure of how to get it and was ...

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Metric Units Conversion Site

  You can change the unit of length manually by doing some paper work simply. But manual metric units conversion process is time consuming and difficult as compare to digital convertors. Digital converters make it very easy and simple to convert a standard unit from one form to another form very easily without any problem in very short time. Conversion process is a process in which you can able to convert any unit into another unit. You can easily convert centimeters into meters and meters into centimeters very easily there is not ...

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How we decide

Here is a brilliant video which shows what happens in the brain when it comes to decisions