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Not Good Enough?

The reality is quite simple really. If you keep indulging in the tricks of the mind which hold you back from getting what you want in life then someone else will simply come along and take what could have been yours. Apathy, complacency and procrastination are simple but effective techniques your mind will use to get you to avoid taking risks which might result in rejection, shame and embarrassment.  ”I’m not good enough,” is the ultimate trick of the mind we all can fall for and limit ourselves with. Isn’t it ...

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It seems like we are always being told what to do. Parents, family and partners Teachers, bosses and peers Government, society, culture and religion Lay down some of rules we feel pressurised into obeying through the voice in our heads.  That inner critic, that inner moralist which not only can put us down with self abuse about the way we look and "not being good enough" but also demands reality fits our way of seeing the world or it gets very angry indeed. It gets exhausting listening to this voice, in the end we can ...

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I’m not good Enough

“I'm not good enough.” “Everyone is better than me.” “Why is everyone else more confident than me?” I think it’s easier for our self worth to take a battering now than maybe any other time in our history. We are bombarded with so many altered airbrushed images of perfection which distorts a realistic perception of reality. Social media and television keeps showing us people who are apparently living “that dream life,” and we will naturally compare ourselves with what we see and this can make us feel very bad indeed.  As most people ...

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Wake Up to Self Sabotage

It’s that time of year for a life change as the New Year brings in a symbolic fresh slate yet most of you know that despite best intentions you will give up, not bother and simply avoid what you really would like to get done. Logically and frustratingly you should have no problem getting some of the most common life change people want to make right now. From going to the gym, eating healthier, stopping smoking, job hunting, cleaning out that back room or starting and finishing a life changing project ...

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Tell Children they are Fat?

"I believe it is time for a few tears and tantrums. Hard news hurts.” - Katie Hopkins. Outrage and debates raged this week due to Katie Hopkins blog and appearance on This Morning as she explained to readers and viewers that the obesity crisis needed some tough love.  Children with weight issues needed to be told directly they were fat so they could then deal with it.  After all 1 in 10 start school with weight issues, Katie then goes on point out school bullies will be less sensitive and taunt ...

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Get Running!

  How many of you wait until you feel in the mood to exercise? Or even find yourself excitedly wanting to get fit but find that motivation disappearing quite quickly? It can be frustrating to have fitness goals or just want to be healthier only to find yourself simply not wanting to bother.  There are some natural reasons for this which include: 1.Your survival instinct 2.Lack of knowledge 3.Believing your thoughts 4.Loneliness  Survival I always feel amazing after a run, yet my mind like many others can convince me to do something else. There are reasons for this ...

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