The Life Doctor


Wake Up to Self Sabotage

It’s that time of year for a life change as the New Year brings in a symbolic fresh slate yet most of you know that despite best intentions you will give up, not bother and simply avoid what you really would like to get done. Logically and frustratingly you should have no problem getting some of the most common life change people want to make right now. From going to the gym, eating healthier, stopping smoking, job hunting, cleaning out that back room or starting and finishing a life changing project ...

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The Power of You

At the centre of you is one heck of a powerful person. Clear and focused, Relaxed and calm, Resilient and resourceful, Confident and strong, Able to see the bigger picture, Opportunistic and able to see the potential in what is happening around you and so much more. Many of you will say “yeah right, I wish!” but the bottom line is that this is the truth.  At your core you are simply amazing, but what’s muddying the waters are the thoughts you have about yourself and life.  These thoughts are your problem as they dictate how you ...

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Personally Deluded

“I take everything so personally,” my new client said.  “Can you help me become more confident and not so paranoid when it comes to what people think of me?” “Do you think we are all judging you?” I asked. “Yeah, I am always wondering what people think of me and I worry that I am doing something wrong all the time. I know it’s not rational but I can’t help myself.” “ I bet you hate being criticised don’t you?” “Oh god yes, I can’t stand it, makes me feel really shit for days ...

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