The Life Doctor


“I’m Struggling.”

When clients tell me they are struggling with a certain area of their life whether it be career, health or relationship goals, they are often surprised at a possible answer as to why they are failing. They will deny this is true at first but with a little digging, it can often be the “holy grail” as to why they end up yet again not succeeding. Sean - “I want you to help me lose 3 stone in weight.” Miranda - “ I want to be a successful singer for a career.” Tony - ...

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Mindfulness is simply switching your awareness from thoughts focusing on the past or future to what is happening in the present moment. You can become mindful in the present about feelings, emotions, thoughts, taste, touch, smell and what you can see and hear. For me mindfulness is liberating, not only is it incredibly easy to learn from the way I teach it it, but the benefits are invaluable for living this one chance of life that I have.  Mindfulness was the major influence in reducing and managing the anxiety I used ...

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I’m not good Enough

“I'm not good enough.” “Everyone is better than me.” “Why is everyone else more confident than me?” I think it’s easier for our self worth to take a battering now than maybe any other time in our history. We are bombarded with so many altered airbrushed images of perfection which distorts a realistic perception of reality. Social media and television keeps showing us people who are apparently living “that dream life,” and we will naturally compare ourselves with what we see and this can make us feel very bad indeed.  As most people ...

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