The Life Doctor


Out of Control

As my heart raced I clenched my fists trying to control the incoming panic attack which was threatening to take me over. I could feel my skin becoming hot and prickly and the knot in my gut get hard and bigger as a I tried not to think about how weird I must look to everyone stood around me. What was the problem? I was only in a pub with friends so why the anxiety? God I am going mad, like really mad. It didn’t make any sense at all ...

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The Power of You

At the centre of you is one heck of a powerful person. Clear and focused, Relaxed and calm, Resilient and resourceful, Confident and strong, Able to see the bigger picture, Opportunistic and able to see the potential in what is happening around you and so much more. Many of you will say “yeah right, I wish!” but the bottom line is that this is the truth.  At your core you are simply amazing, but what’s muddying the waters are the thoughts you have about yourself and life.  These thoughts are your problem as they dictate how you ...

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Crafty Perfection

“I just want to it to be perfect,” Carrie moaned.  “I want my book to not get these types of reviews!” I had looked at the reviews on Amazon and some people have been quite critical to say the least.  Carrie passed me some news clippings with reviews from various book critics, some of those were quite harsh too. Yet despite that her book was selling really well and had remained quite high in the book charts. “You want the book to be perfect?” I asked again. “Yes! I just want better reviews ...

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