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Panic Attack Help

If you have ever had a panic attack then you know just how terrifying it can be as well as feeling utterly powerless when it begins to sweep in.  What is happening on a basic level is somehow the Limbic System which is the survival and emotional centre of the brain is over firing and acting as if you are in extreme danger and cannot escape. Very common on public transport, social or work situations as this is where people feel they are being watched or stuck in a situation ...

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IBS Toilet Trap

Where’s the loo? The fear of not being near a toilet can be overwhelming for some people especially if they suffer with IBS.  The thoughts about what will happen if there is no loo nearby can become obsessive and frightening.  Trying to control a journey or situation so that a toilet is nearby is exhausting and at times near impossible. The reality is that not one client I have spoken to has actually had an accident like that, it might have felt close though.  The mind will then create a series ...

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