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Your Horny Caveman

Your Horny Caveman Why do some people find it so hard to practise safe sex or even remain faithful? Good intentions can go out the window as soon as someone feels horny.  This powerful sexual urge can get people indulge in things they wouldn’t normally do.  Amazing how many after an orgasm think “What the f*ck was I doing?  Why did I risk my life like that?  I will never do that again!”  (until the next bout of horniness kicks in.) It’s no point me telling them how stupid it was or the ...

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Health Anxiety

It's very common to worry about and feel anxiety about health issues,  but what can you do when it gets out of hand? “It’s cancer,” my mind whispered to me. “You could have cancer,” it continued. “What then?” it asked.  “You could lose your foot, leg, life!” Images of me having to tell people circled like vultures in my mind. Funerals happened and rewound back to having painful operations or chemotherapy. In between going to the Dr’s and seeing his face of concern for the mole on my foot and the hospital ...

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