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Do you want to feel more Motivated?

“ I feel guilty if I sit down and do nothing,” is something quite a few clients tell me as they struggle with various forms of relaxing. Yet sitting down and relaxing is one of the most productive things we can do as it recharges our batteries. Without mental and physical energy we can overly procrastinate to try and conserve some for survival reasons.  We should have always have some stored energy for any unexpected needed fight or flight responses. Without recharging we can lack confidence, clarity, focus and motivation to ...

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Out of Control

As my heart raced I clenched my fists trying to control the incoming panic attack which was threatening to take me over. I could feel my skin becoming hot and prickly and the knot in my gut get hard and bigger as a I tried not to think about how weird I must look to everyone stood around me. What was the problem? I was only in a pub with friends so why the anxiety? God I am going mad, like really mad. It didn’t make any sense at all ...

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