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Health Anxiety

It's very common to worry about and feel anxiety about health issues,  but what can you do when it gets out of hand? “It’s cancer,” my mind whispered to me. “You could have cancer,” it continued. “What then?” it asked.  “You could lose your foot, leg, life!” Images of me having to tell people circled like vultures in my mind. Funerals happened and rewound back to having painful operations or chemotherapy. In between going to the Dr’s and seeing his face of concern for the mole on my foot and the hospital ...

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I’m not Good Enough

“Phew I’m tired..maybe I should slow down, I wish this run was over, I don’t think I can do this, how long is left to go?” My first run after a few weeks break is always a tough one and my negative thoughts inner dialogue can go a little crazy. It likes to speed up and get louder so I act now on what it says. But why should I? Thoughts are just thoughts...they are not even real so why believe what they say? The problem most people have is that they believe ...

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Anger, Stress and Anxiety Management

One thing some clients are surprised by is how angry they come across, the anger within influenced their thoughts and  behaviours and they just accepted this as part of their normal behaviour. They often wonder what other peoples problems are with them.  They can also get stuck in the “this is me” trap where they just assume their provocative, self opinionated, reactive and defensive nature was just “who they are.” They had originally come to see me to have their anxiety or lack of confidence worked with as that is what ...

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