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These are testimonials from clients who have come to see me in Brighton and Hove for Hypnotherapy, IEMT,  EFT, Emotrance, Reiki and NLP. I use a combination of techniques to help clients reach their goals.

Teenage Anxiety

“As a teenager who has suffered with anxiety for several years, I found many situations very difficult to cope with.  EFT may sound unusual but it has benefited me greatly and I learnt it over a Skype session with Paul.  Recently I had a job interview and used EFT to remove the anxiety completetly as the thought of going to the interview made me feel really ill.  I was calm and focused enough to get the job and now use EFT to conquer my anxiety and I would reccomend it to anyone.  S Pope – Bristol


“I was a bit sceptical about EFT, although was willing to give it a try, I was going on a travelling trip on my own and was worried about having the confidence to approach and meet new people. Paul really helped with my confidence and gave me techniques that I could use when I was away, in the end I forgot I even had those worries and had a wonderful trip.”
Jane – Brighton

Supermarket Panic Attacks

“Hypnotherapy and NLP with Paul cured me of my panic attacks in supermarkets and shopping malls after a few sessions and not only that but also I feel much calmer in life too.  Highly recommended.”  N Morely – Brighton

Dentist Phobia

“I had issues with going to the dentist because of panic with things in my mouth gag reflex. After one session with Paul my worries were under control and I managed to see the dentist the same day.”
Dave – Crawley

Weight loss

“I have tried most diets and whilst they work for a while the weight soon piled back on again. I wasn’t keen on exercising either or dieting for that matter. When I saw Paul I was surprised that I wasn’t placed on a diet. After a few sessions and working on what the issue with food was I began to see myself in a new light. I now even enjoy exercise!! I would go back to just experience that wonderful feeling of being in trance.”
Lucy – Brighton


“I was very sceptical about this therapy stuff but Paul sorted that out with showing me where I had learned to get stressed and anxious with IEMT which worked with moving my eyes about.  Memories kept coming up which led me to a revelation about my past which showed me how I became stressed and anxious. Brilliant stuff!”  W Newport – Hove

Emotional and Physiological Pain

“Paul is a very skilled and knowledgeable man who put me at ease immediately. He approached my issue differently from other therapists I have seen, customising his techniques to quickly shift my issue that I have had for many years. Having been in therapy for over 5 years, before meeting Paul the speed in which he focused in and enabled me to adjust my thought/pain cycle was fantastic. Thank you Paul.”
B Davies – London

Relationship Issues

“I had confidence issues relating to me and relationships. Paul worked with me using some inspirational techniques from meditational journeys to direct hypnotherapy. I feel as though a weight has been lifted after many years of following the same patterns. I cannot recommend Paul enough for the wonderful therapies we have worked on. A few sessions can sort out the patterns and problems that have been there for years.”
Susanna – London

Creativity Block

“I work in a creative job and felt that I was mentally blocked, Paul really helped to open up and allow the creative energies to flow, letting go of what was worrying me and giving me confidence in my ability to design again.”
Gaynor , Hove

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