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Paul Sheppard

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About Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor

From my the age of 19 my own battle with anxiety led me to explore countless therapies, techniques and self help books for anything that would change how I felt.  It was a frustrating and often fruitless search due to therapies treating anxiety as state of mind and not what it actually is – a physical injury.

Fearing I was going mad and now heading into depression as I felt resigned that this was now my life, I nearly gave up in finding a way to solve my problem.

“Life’s too short to be held back by the illusionary limitations of the mind.” 


Through my exploration of anxiety I started to realised what the main problem was and focused all my attention on releasing pressure from an over alert and injured limbic system. This is the part of the brain responsible for many things including the emotions and our survival.

Reducing pressure on my injured limbic system created changes I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I had periods where I didn’t feel so self aware, tense and stuck in a worrying though process.  I also noticed that I had began to feel more confident and relaxed, the more I did this the longer the periods of feeling normal became. Eventually I even began to forget I had even been an anxious person.

Focusing on learning and teaching techniques which would form a long lasting strategy and became my main goal.  They have been a huge part of why my work has become so successful with my clients as their honest feedback was gratefully received to fine tune what I teach today.

“You will be surprised at how simple and effective this really is.”


Most of my clients are referrals from clients who have benefited from my no nonsense, direct, realistic, simple approach. This type of coaching will not suit everyone but it is worth exploring to see if it will help you

I personally believe Life’s too short to spend too much time in therapy when you could be out there living a more authentic life by enjoying being the real you.


I abide by a strict code of ethics which can be found on the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I am also listed on the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and CNCH too.
I look forward to working with you!

Paul Sheppard.


Straight Talking Therapy – It’s amazing how much unnecessary baggage that most of us carry around. Paul’s straight talking approach utilising a range of different therapies can help you ditch the lot. Having helped me resolve a few issues that were holding me back both in my personal and professional life I now recommend Paul to my Personal Training clients and I have seen some amazing results.

E.Power – Brighton

Using a range of techniques, Paul helped me to see past my confusion and anxieties and I have become a far calmer, more confident person! Invaluable experience, thanks!

Kirsty – Brighton

I was concerned at first if hypnosis would work on me for my anxiety and if I could actually be hypnotised. My body felt so relaxed for the first time in ages and Paul showed me under hypnosis how much I actually can control my body with a simple thought. I feel much calmer and confident about life, thanks to his techniques and I recommend Paul to everyone I know as they are definitely in good hands!
Shirley – Hove 


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