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It seems like we are always being told what to do. Parents, family and partners Teachers, bosses and peers Government, society, culture and religion Lay down some of rules we feel pressurised into obeying through the voice in our heads.  That inner critic, that inner moralist which not only can put us down with self abuse about the way we look and "not being good enough" but also demands reality fits our way of seeing the world or it gets very angry indeed. It gets exhausting listening to this voice, in the end we can ...

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“I’m Struggling.”

When clients tell me they are struggling with a certain area of their life whether it be career, health or relationship goals, they are often surprised at a possible answer as to why they are failing. They will deny this is true at first but with a little digging, it can often be the “holy grail” as to why they end up yet again not succeeding. Sean - “I want you to help me lose 3 stone in weight.” Miranda - “ I want to be a successful singer for a career.” Tony - ...

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