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Get Running!

  How many of you wait until you feel in the mood to exercise? Or even find yourself excitedly wanting to get fit but find that motivation disappearing quite quickly? It can be frustrating to have fitness goals or just want to be healthier only to find yourself simply not wanting to bother.  There are some natural reasons for this which include: 1.Your survival instinct 2.Lack of knowledge 3.Believing your thoughts 4.Loneliness  Survival I always feel amazing after a run, yet my mind like many others can convince me to do something else. There are reasons for this ...

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Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

“You need goals,” we are all told if we want to achieve or be more successful in life. “Without goals you will fail.”   The answer to life seems to be goal setting but why are we so terrible at reaching our goals? Then logical reasoning suggests “you need more motivation, discipline and focus to make goals work.”  So the next goal seems to be trying to make yourself kind of perfect so you can reach your desired goals.  This is a horrible trap to get caught up in which can ...

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Motivation Perspective

The Paramedics were doing their best to save someones life on a bus today.  I didn’t stop and gawk at what was happening, I just silently hoped they made it and carried on home.  This was another reminder that we cannot be complacent or apathetic with life.  At any time our lives could change in an instant through health issues, career bombs, death of a loved one or just even ourselves losing our lives or many other life experiences which can roll in unexpectedly. I live my life with the awareness ...

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