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Stop Smoking Now

Ok, let’s do this, at present your mind is probably tricking you into believing you can’t stop smoking or at least will find it too difficult to let it go. Here are the facts: You could stop smoking right now and never smoke again. The mind though is brilliant at convincing you otherwise with very powerful illusions which feel very real. Like the Walking Dead you fall into a trance and believe them. You don’t enjoy smoking, anyone who says they do are literally letting their Smoking Zombie speak through them as if ...

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Personal Training

“I would never have thought about coming to see someone like you,” he said shuffling uncomfortably in the chair as he made his confession.  “I thought people who went to therapists were weak and just needed to pull their socks up.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still sceptical about what you whatever it is and don’t think you can really help, but I thought I would give it a go.” “What made you come to me then?” I asked. “Some of my friends who I thought were sorted admitted they had ...

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