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I didn’t see them all picking up rocks behind my back as I walked with a gang of “friends” to an isolated field.  As the circle formed around me and the rocks were held ready I should have seen what was coming next. The word “run,” from one lad should have been a clue but my confusion at how it went from all friendly to this made me freeze on the spot like a rabbit caught in the headlights.  “Fucking queer,” came next as the first stones hit me hard, ...

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Getting over Yourself

Let’s make it quite clear even though it may seem a little harsh at first. Not many if any are that interested in you.  So if you do happen to be in any social situation which you feel we are all watching and judging you, the likely hood is we are not.  We are like you mostly lost in our own little bubbles of reality thinking about all sorts of things, we will not really be thinking about you. If by any chance you catch our attention and notice you we will ...

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Caveman Control?

Well it's not about control which does appeal to anxious people but it's more about how do we influence and work with the caveman. Especially when he is being too horny, anxious, angry, stressed or indulging in bad habits which are causing problems? You have to remember that the caveman’s priority is to keep you safe. He also loves to feel important, he loves to feel secure, loved and connected.  He will prioritise these sometimes in what feels like a random way but the reality is that the caveman will do ...

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