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Homeopathy, Reiki Vs The Mind

There is a nice article going around the media today highlighting the potential dangers of homeopathy. Speaking to some Homeopathist's and their fans it is very clear they will ignore anything that suggests there is a problem with their therapy. What is ironic is that these people will often be strong advocates of the power of the mind and having an open one to match. Yet when it is suggested that it's not the sugar pill that's doing the healing but the power of belief, homeopathist's are quick to try and ...

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Sex and the Gym

Would you like a more healthier sex life? How many of you know something needs action but are waiting to be in the mood to do something? An example is sex. I work with a lot of clients who want to get back into having a healthy sex life but are waiting to be horny. If we all waited for these mysterious moods to fall into place before having sex then we would be about as sexually active as a Nun. Spontaneity is the key here and just doing it regardless of mood can ...

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Goodbye Anxiety

The anxious voice starts getting louder in your head, then faster, more panicky and more urgent. It's creating dialogue about what people are thinking about you. It's future predictions of things going horribly wrong make you feel sick so you will do everything you can to avoid that happening. It makes your head spin as it doesn't seem to stop your mind being in overdrive. You try to think rationally and calmly, even questioning is the stuff you think about true? But it soon jumps back to being loud and forceful convincing ...

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Wishing me Dead

I have been working hard to convince clients to ‘wish me dead,' over the past few months. This usually gets a few jaws to drop and the obligatory ‘are you mad?' comments. I don't have a death wish as I love life, it's because I love life that I do this job and it would be wonderful if people loved life a little more too. Yet powerful irrational beliefs can ruin and hold a person back from living the life they deserve. Some people are caught in a trap where ...

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Hunter or Prey?

Hunter or Prey? Anxiety only happens when the mind is reacting as if you are in danger. This is how we evolved, people who feel they are at risk are acting as if they are prey as their limbic systems go into survival mode, flight or fight. Living a life with the attitude of feeling like prey can make life much harder than it could be. Prey can make excuses to as to why being prey is a better option, but that is just the fear talking. ...

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