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Obsessive Thoughts

"My thoughts are driving me mad!" "They scare me!""I can't get them out of my head!""I can't stop thinking about (insert obsession here)." Your mind is very powerful and it is very good at repeating in your lovely head what it thinks is very important to show you. Levels of importance are determined by your emotional response to the thought and what you try to do with it. The most common approaches with thoughts which are bugging people are: Try to suppressFight themDistract themPut them in an imaginary room or box in the head The ...

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The Risk

It was a risk worth taking but I thought I would take a chance and post the most grossest article I could about dietry behaviour.  The response was mixed but I am glad I took the risk as some people have said that the Shit Diet article opened their eyes to food in a whole new way.  Yes I heard some people were disgusted and even called my professionalism into question and others couldn't look at the attached picture of what appeared to be either chocolate or shit on the ...

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A Shit Diet

  Is your diet literally shit? Listening to people who claim to love food, it soon becomes clear they don't love food at all, they are simply addicted to really shit food. Think about all the food you claim to love and cannot but help shovel down your throat. Picture them in your mind spread out on a large table.  Do they consist mostly of these? Cakes Chocolates Ice cream Chips / crisps Curries Fried foods Bread Pasta Junk cereals Maybe you have not thought about this before, but if the colour of the foods you claim to love or have issues ...

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