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Anxiety, Confidence and The Power of Hypnosis

  Many of you reading this may be a little curious as to how a therapist like myself works with powerful therapies like hypnosis, NLP, IEMT, NLP, counselling or any other tools I use to change anxiety.  With your curiosity in mind I thought I would write a short article hopefully answering any questions you may have.  If I have not then you can always contact me to ask me directly what you want to know.  I work in Brighton & Hove or online with people around the country or world.    The ...

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2012 Intentions for a Better Life

  Many of you will be looking at January 2012 as a time to make some big changes in areas of your life which need a bit of a kick up the butt. The problem is though that some of you won't stick to the changes not because you don't want the change but simply because of a lack of a strategy.  Some others will simply give up because the mind is that clever at going back to what was comfortable.   Here are some strategies, perspectives and points to remember when it comes ...

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