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The Most Important Lesson

Wouldn't it be good when you were at young and in school that after maths and before english there was a class showing you how to handle your emotions especially in those tough times. The teacher would encourage you to recognise your inner strengths and nurture them so they grow a bit more each day as you explore yourself and life.   I wonder if the syllabus would be something like this: The limbic system exploration of why this emotional and survival centre makes life very hard when it's over active. The irrational ...

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Fighting Coffee

    The adrenaline surges around your body. The rational part of your brain starts to be sidelined in order to run on reactive instinct to keep you alive. Energy is diverted from your brain, immune system, digestive system into your arms and legs, flight or fight? Your nervous system is being pushed to the limit as your brain reacts to this life threatening danger. What's the danger here?   Of course there isn't any, but this is the typical reaction to a cup of coffee as caffeine stimulates survival mode in your brain.    Some people think caffeine doesn't ...

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Clients are not Weak

I have to admire anyone who has the guts to come to a total stranger and share their deepest darkest fears in order to get help.   I often sit there in awe of someone who has the strength and willpower to come and share what they want me to help them with.  The sad thing is they often feel ashamed or weak because they couldn't do it themselves.  In fact some clients mention that their partners and friends look on in disbelief that they need to go and get help as ...

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