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The Realistic Factor

  Another year, another X factor season fills our TV screens, with millions of wannabe popstars hoping for a taste of the high life. Despite the freak show element of the early rounds, we find ourselves drawn into the lives and emotions of the auditionees, following their journeys week by week, to find out who will eventually be crowned the X factor winner. Let's face it, it's good TV! Although it is undoubtedly fun to watch, the problem with X factor, and other programmes like it, is that it creates false hope for thousands ...

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Should I Call?

A friend contacted me with an intriguing question. Should I call? The situation was this: They had been on a date with apparently a wonderful guy who seemed to make it really clear that they were interested in my friend and after what was a great night, promised to call to arrange to meet up again. The problem was that this was a week a go and they had not called since.  Of course my friend was naturally running through possible excuses as to why they could not have called and was confused ...

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Bored of Happiness?

When I ask most clients what they want, they usually reply that they just want to be happy. Is this enough though? Happiness flows into our lives at various times due to various experiences which we find ourselves in.  If we were happy all the time wouldn't we just be bored of happiness and become apathetic and complacent with it? Light and shade seems important for us to experience which are the ups and downs to life and when we experience an up we know what it feels like because it feels different ...

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Why are men so f*cked up?

  "Why are men so f*cked up,"  a friend moaned to me last night as yet another date with a guy had turned sour. They have a good point as women and men complain to me all the time about their relationships with guys from hell who carry around way to much emotional baggage. The answer may be simple, women are in general much more likely to visit the doctor or a therapist when something is wrong.  Men are taught from childhood to simply "man up", when it comes to their issues so ...

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