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Chatting to Your Darkside

  Let's face it, we all chat to ourselves in various ways with conversations within our heads. These conversations can be just mundane or they can be helpful, motivating, inspiring and energising. For the people coming to see me though they are having conversations within which are very unhelpful, berating, judgemental, teasing, sneering, angry and frustrated. Have you ever stopped to listen to your inner voice and how it can make you feel? Some clients are very surprised when they do this and how they can even actually visualise the owner ...

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Should We Forgive?

Reading another coaches view on forgiveness and why it is necessary, I put forward another perspective to them only to get an over reactive response which shows me that forgiveness is a hot topic and a volatile one at that. It would be easy to go down the "a better man forgives" route and in the therapy and self help world, forgiving someone is apparently the best way to let go of the past and move on with your future.It sounds like good advice and is even promoted in the spiritual ...

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