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Low Self Belief Part One

Working as a therapist in Brighton & Hove and internationally with clients with low self esteem, self belief, confidence, self worth, depression, stress and anxiety over the years has given me some amazing insights into why they are experiencing life the way they are.  This article is about where this comes from and part two will continue this and focus on what can be done to begin turning this around. Human nature can be cruel and people can make us feel quite sh*t about ourselves with careless comments, bullying and judgmental prejudice.  ...

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Broken Hearts and Obsession

Recently I have seen quite a few clients who are finding life really tough due to a relationship ending and not being able to stop thinking about the person they were in love with. This for some can border on the obsession for some and feels very unhealthy as they can’t get this person out of their heads and will often do anything to get this person back, even if this person really is not good for them at all. Clients often tell me that when they have a rational moment they ...

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Spirit for Life

Often I am asked why I frequent spiritual groups to talk and what my version of spirituality I would promote, so here it is. Spirit for me is defined by energy and attitude towards life.  This is about how we treat ourselves, other people, the planet and what part we want to play as part of humanity. Life can be tough on this spinning ball of rock and I feel it is hard enough without adding spiritual laws into the mix which go against the human condition and demand ways of thinking ...

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Healthy Mind and Body

Posted by Edd Power Edd Power is my guest blogger this week as I wanted a personal fitness trainer to write a little about why exercise is important for mental health.  You can contact Edd for more information at the bottom of the page. It has been well known for thousands of years the link between mind and body and today the concept of a holistic approach to health and fitness is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance. Doctors have for a long time advised us to get more exercise and have outlined the ...

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